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måndag, februari 25, 2013

Hi there! How was the weekend?
We have had winter holiday now for a week, and today is the first day at work again. Puhhh hard to get up in the morning again...

But I have two lovely things to share with you this Monday. First I have my first sponsor, Lorena Canals!!! Lorena Canals, has a lot of wonderful carpets made of cotton for children. To celebrate the new sponsor, I will get back later this week with a Give-away together with Lorena Canals.

The second thing, is that I found this lovely little DIY inspiration today at a Swedish blog called The DIY project is a book, or magazine shelf (see pictures below), and such a brilliant idea.

Pictures: hitta-hem

The blog owners, Maria Ramse and Pella Hedeby, have more than 10 years experience within interior design, working for JM AB. You can tell they have a lot of experience by these stunning pictures.
I just love it all, especially the Kay Bojesen wooden monkey,  designed in 1951...


  1. Hi Mette, congrats to your new sponsor :)
    New blog which you found is very good, full of inspirations and ideas, thx for sharing :)

    Have a nice start in your work!

  2. Love those shelfs! Hope one day will have one in my flat! Starting winter holidays next week so lots of time for DIY!

    1. Hope you will have a lovely holiday and some time for creative DIY!!!


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