Outdoor times

måndag, april 22, 2013

Great weather here today and therefore we could not resist to go out in the sun and start with the garden. Next year we hope to make some changes outside, so this spring and summer we collect a lot of ideas to what to do outside. Here are some nice pictures via Pinterest.


Source 1,2) Unknown 3, 4) Helt Enkelt

More Tine K!

torsdag, april 18, 2013

I would like to bring in more things from lovely Tine K interior to our home. Especially now when Spring is here (almost 12 degrees yesterday!!!). But right now our plans and energy goes to repainting the house outside and quite much planning work is needed. Test colours at the wall, investigate what colour type to use and so on. Toady our house from 1923 is yellow. And it will be (we think..) almost white with a touch of  light grayish-brown. But now, let´s focus at the inside. Take a look at these lovely pictures from Tine K for inspiration to your home!

 See ya!

AprillAprill - The queen of flea market findings!

tisdag, april 16, 2013

Say hello to family Gartmyr, and then feel welcome to have a rounded tour in their house.

Johanna lives with her family in Helsingborg (in south of Sweden) in a house from 1924, and is the owner of the blog AprillAprill. She works as designer at Tretorn, but at her free time, she also creates posters and illustrations that she sells in her shop. The family has the most personal home, and I just have to say that Johanna has to be the queen of flea market findings, because her home has nice findings in every corner. Just take a look below!

The yellow lamp above is a finding!

The drawer and the rabbit mirror is findings.

As well as the bed is also a flea market finding that they have painted white.

Pictures: AprillAprill by Johanna

I am speechless. How about you? Even more pictures you can find here. Thank you Johanna for borrowing your pictures! And for those of you that lives in Helsingborg, here is the list of Johanna's flea markets that she has bought most of the things in the pictures. Ohhh need to hurry up visiting all these places.

Väla Södra Industriområde
Grustagsgatan 2, Helsingborg

Längs med Bryggaregatan, Helsingborg

Pingstkyrkans Secondhand
Makadamgatan 1
Väla Södra, Helsingborg

Måndagsgatan 6, Helsingborg

Röda Korset
Mötesplats Kupan
Örnsköldsviksgatan 15, Helsingborg
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