Office times

torsdag, januari 17, 2013

In the beginning of the new year you can see many blogs with office inspiration. So... yes today I could not resist either. We need to structure the office here with some handy boxes etc because every time we clean it from papers and "good to have stuff" it looks the same in one week again. So boxes to save all the papers will be the thing, to get an office in the style below I think!!!! Let´s see!

PS. Is "good to have stuff" something very typical for males by the way?! My feeling is that ;-)

Picture 1: Miss Design, Picture 2: A Merry Mishap Picture 3: Designspirationsk

Well with this kind of office environment I would stay in the office for ever! How about you, are you very structured?


  1. Oh yes, very beautiful inspiration for home office.... after these images I think that I need new one :-)


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