Shop: Patriks prylar!

fredag, februari 08, 2013

Patriks prylar is a web shop that one of my dear friends told me about this week. I had to check it immediately. And what made me even more interested is that the owner, Patrik focus a lot at recycling with his products. It is a perfect store to get that unique product for your home. Check out the web shop here, I have collected some of my favourites below, even if it was hard to select.

Photo: Anders Sällström & Patrik Henningsson

Thank you Patrik for letting me share your photos at Make-Living and thank you Anna for sharing this tip with me. This store will definitely be on my list to visit during the spring or summer. 

Have a lovely start on the weekend all. Don´t miss to check out Make-Living next week  - there is a competition coming up for you!


  1. Patrik has very interesting ideas and his shop and product is really lovely. :)

    ...and competition next week? hmmm, sounds good :) :) :)

    Have a nice weekend!


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