Bed gable and Stockholm again

torsdag, februari 07, 2013

Finally got my own week calendar printed yesterday. I will hopefully be able to take photo of it at Saturday when I will be home and have the possibility to take pictures with my camera during daytime. It turned out really well with the colour matching and will share this little DIY soon hopefully.

Today I was thinking of finding an alternative bed gable (sänggavel) just as inspiration. This one was a little different, and I really liked it. And can you see, the carpet I was writing about earlier this week "Stockholm" is also in this picture. Has to be a sign for me to run to IKEA ;-)

Pictures: Via Avotakka

See you again tomorrow Friiiiday! And yes, don´t forget to vote on my blog if you think it gives you inspiration. The Apartment Therapy has a nomination for different interior blog,s and one category is for DIY.

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