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söndag, december 30, 2012

It is something with white interior design and the mix of wood. Below is some beautiful pictures taken by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen that I found via Dezeen. All lamps are gorgeous, don´t you think?

How are you? Ready for a new year? I am looking forward to next year very much and think it will be a great year. Here at home bunch of things will happen. We have already started with changing the railing to our second floor from and old one to a new and the second paint is right now on. Small things that makes a big difference. They are the best, don´t you think?

See you tomorrow again, last day of the year and ready for the big party!!!! Are you?!


  1. Very beautiful! I must go to this restaurant soon, it's only over the bridge from us :) I hope you had a really lovely Christmas and wishing you a happy new year! /Niki

  2. Really lovely! I love the wood used like that and lamps...... ahhhh beautiful, Niki, pls take a photo more from this reataurant :-)

  3. Yes next year it needs to be a visit to Copenhagen. Lovely city that is very close with a lot of inspiration. Interior visit for nexy year!

    Happy new year to both of you!


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