Amazing before and after!

måndag, april 08, 2013

Well look at this makeover that is absolutely amazing from Denmark.  In this house, there are two families living, Knudsen and  Halberg - three generations under the same roof. And what a makeover if you take a look at the third picture below.

Pictures: Bo Bedre

Well I got inspired and we actually took a look at our own before and after pictures from our home. But mostly due to that we have carpenters coming this week and will change two windows. Quite some changes has been made here as well. It is good to remind yourself what you actually have done. Take care all!


  1. Wow, really great make-over! I'm a total sucker of before and after pictures, it's so interesting to see what has been achieved and how much a room can be improved and how it has been done. Great post!

  2. Hello, very nice change, I like it, I love danish houses, furniture.
    It is good idea take a photo before changes, when I do change in my house I still forget take a picture. :( What a pity! bcs after changes are always amazing feelings!

    1. Yes it is absolutely a great make-over. I also have to be better taking before pictures to inspire myself :)


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