The baby room is taking shape

måndag, mars 25, 2013

The room to our little baby is slowly getting ready. Some smaller projects still left, but I was thinking of saving the sawing projects until I am so big that I can´t move.... Posters are up at the walls, and the changing table that is an old IKEA furniture is painted (from pine) to white and has got new handles also from IKEA. I think the size of the changing table is just perfect with a lot of drawers, so even if the price buying a new one, would have been almost the same, I think it was worth it for sure.

Two beds that we had in the old guest room, has also moved up to this room, as we are creating a new guest room in another room in the basement. And I think it could be good with another bed close to the baby the first time as well. Ohhh I have heard that you need to go up once in a while during the night ;-)


And the chair in picture four.... yes I bought it this weekend. The look-a-like to the Acapulco chair that is available at Åhlens and called Ocean. So comfortable that I will not get up. The lats picture with the little fellow here, seams to be waiting for someone to arrive. Still he needs to wait for some more weeks.

What have you been up to this weekend?


  1. Hi Mette, I knew that the room will be nice and the room is nice, I like it much and the chair - picture 4. You bought very well. N I C E . :)
    I believe that it is comfortable. :)


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