SPA in Båstad!

fredag, mars 08, 2013

Do you know what SPA stands for? I did not. What to do without search engines such as Google? SPA stands for ”salus per aqua” and means water treatment. Anyway, we are looking forward to a wonderful Saturday with SPA at Båstad Skansen. We will have massage and brunch and just practice to not do anything. A little time together before we get our baby later on :). You have to take your time off right? Båstad Skansen is definitely one of the best places I have been to in south of Sweden when it comes to SPA. The atmosphere of the hotel, the surrounding (the nature is outstanding) and the food.....Oh my. Just take a look at these pictures.

All pictures from Skansen Båstad

What are you up for this weekend? Any special plans? Ohh by the way, we have a winner of the rug from LORENA CANALS!!! Congrats Sara Kramer to the kids rug! I hope you will like it. Have a lovely weekend all, and see you again on Monday!


  1. Enjoy it! It look really nice :)
    Have a nice weekend! :)

    1. Thank you and I hope you will get a relaxing weekend too!


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