Recovery this weekend

måndag, mars 11, 2013

The theme this weekend was really recovery. Recovery times 2! Recovery with SPA during Saturday and it was just as relaxing and good food as we had hoped for.

Then, Sunday become a little more dramatic. Yes not that dramatic, but recovery of pictures taken this weekend. If you know the feeling of loosing pictures, by accidentally removing them from your camera memory card. Yieeeee! I did it, and lucky me I was able to get a software to get all pictures back. Puhhh! So recovery at Sunday again...The picture below to the left, is from our home and to the right it is me relaxing at the SPA. This weekend I also wanted to get in some spring feeling so I brought in some Magnolian from our garden. Now it has started to burst. I love the pink color.

Hope you have a great start on the week and see you soon again!


  1. Hi Mette, I like magnolia, too. :)This plant is optimistic for me.
    It is great that you didn't lose your pictures.

    Lovely day!

    1. Hi Albertine,

      Yes it was such a relief when we could get the pictures back. I was so angry at myself to start with but turned out ok. Puhh!

      Take care!


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