DIY inspiration from Trendenser

onsdag, mars 06, 2013

I found these DIY projects at Trendenser that I just have to share with you. We are as we speak in the middle of our own bigger DIY projects, but more about that later.

Now take a look at the cavalcade of inspiration below from Frida Ramstedt at Trendenser. Wow!!!

More information how to create the lamp above step-by-step you will find at Trendenser.
Frida is such a talent taking photos. The picture below is an amazing watch
wall and the last one showing how you can play with washitejp on the wall, instead
 of using frames.

Pictures: Frida Ramstedt
So many cool idea's for very little money. Which one is your favourite?


  1. Hi, it's really cool,, I like it especially last one :)
    Nice day!

  2. ÅÅÅÅ måste nog testa detta :) Super bra! Tack för inspo!

  3. Yes I have to copy one or two myself :) Maybe some time during Easter holiday :)

  4. Fantastic DIY inspiration. I love the lamp and the washi tape especially.


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