The blog Vosgesparis!

tisdag, februari 26, 2013

I am in love! In love with these pictures I just found at the blog Vosgesparis. The pictures are from the owner of the blog, Desiree. Her home can be found in the Decorate Workshop book, a book by talented Holly Becker at Decor8. The pictures has such a bright light and atmosphere, which the photographer has cached nicely. Such a great personal touch in this home.

Pictures: (C) Debbie Treloar

I am so impressed by Desiree. Except having the blog she is also the founder, owner and writer of Studio dees and Amsterdam Next and she also has a monthly blog at IKEA Live. That I will call a busy girl! Thank you for letting me share these pictures Desiree.



  1. oh my! i love everything about this space! love the large floor lamp and the black paint in the kitchen.

    1. It is for sure a home I can move in to right away! Have a nice weekend!


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