Pink Monday!

måndag, februari 18, 2013


Hope you all had a great weekend. Here we started our holiday this week, with a lot of sports activities. Today we will be cross country skiing and meet up with some friends for dinner. Looking so much forward an active week!

This Monday, I will be going a little crazy with pink colour as a theme! I just thought the pictures I found via Pinterest was so inspiring and put me in a good mood. I would just love to have a spot like this (first picture below) in my bedroom.

Sources: 1: kareichert 2:Unknown 3: Brightbaazar 4: Finishdesignshop
I am in love with the chair from Hay that could be seen in the third pictures (with a black seating). But also available in many more colours here for example. The lamps in the last picture I have no idea where you can get. Do you? It look almost like cupcakes :)
Tomorrow is the last day to participate in the Give-away of the poster from Katrin Bååth, so hurry up if you have not participated already!



  1. I love dusty pink. I have actually been thinking of having a bit of a pink / black / gold theme for my bedroom, so pretty! Have a wonderful time skiing / visiting friends. x

  2. Hi Mette, listen, you are very active girl :), it is good idea about skiing and visiting friends, I like it too :)
    This pink color on these images is really nice so I am looking forward to your pictures of your bedroom :)
    Nice day!


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