Nice atmosphere!

torsdag, februari 21, 2013

This apartment from Alvhem has a nice atmosphere. I like the small office space and the paper boxes in black and white that gives the possibility to save bits and pieces. But also the art on the walls. What do you like most?

Pictures: Alvhem
And it is something more with the pictures from Alvhem that catch me. I think it is the flowers that gives me hope of the spring again. Have to bring similar flowers to our house when we get home. Today we are on the road again, back home. We have had some wonderful days with skiing and my family.


  1. Welcome home dear ! :)
    Did you enjoy your holiday? Listen, you are holiday time in Sweden? You passed holiday ( some days ) , Niki left for the holidays, :) hm, hm, I think that I need holiday too :):)
    And this appartment is great. Of course I like carpet in the living room :), pillows on the sofa and office desk. And sure flowers, we need to feel spring air everywhere, I like it!
    Nice day!


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