New sofa?!

torsdag, februari 14, 2013

We have a sofa from IKEA that I like, Ektorp in white. But uhhh white and children and a cat..not a good combination really. We have therefore discussed if we shall switch from our 2-seated sofa to this one, still Ektorp but in grey. I could not find that much pictures on the grey Ektorp sofa at blogs, so I selected a few below that at least had a grey sofa with nice accessories around. Just love how the first room is using the books as artwork, an alternative to paintings.

  Pictures: 1: Nordic leaves 2: unknown 3: Ekenstam

 Have a nice Thursday and Valentine! And don´t miss out the give-away posted earlier this week at Tuesday. The give-away is opened until the 19th of February. Lot´s of love!



  1. Hi Mette, I know white sofa is beautiful but not for home with children. Your images are nice, I like second one with lamp.
    I have also grey sofa. We bought it before birth of first son, we must change it but I wait when my second son will be older. Then I can buy new sofa and I would like to buy white too. :)

    1. Yes I guess the white has to wait a little, until they gets older :) Now our white sofa is "natural" grey...


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