Carpet IKEA Stockholm and nomination

tisdag, februari 05, 2013

Yes!! We are on or way starting to remake one of the rooms in the basement to a guestroom. I will share before pictures hopefully soon and probably with some DIY. So it is about time to collect inspiration from the fab blogs and Pinterest out there, to get an idea how it can look like in the end. We will need to redo the walls and give them a nice finish. So it will take some time before we are ready for sure, but no hurry really. But until then, I can collect and dream in between all the construction work.
I has always liked the IKEA carpet "Stockholm". After all the inspiration below, I think I will go for this one in the end. 

Pictures, 1: Trendspanarna 2: Helt Enkelt 3: Dwell

Picture number two from Helt Enkelt, is not far away from what we can get in the end. Because we will probable need a sofa that you can redo to a bed. Hmm, yes this has to be tagged as To Do for sure!

PS. A little bird whispered in my ear that there is a nomination at Apartment Therapy for blogs and one category covers DIY. If you are getting inspiration from Make-Living, I would be super happy if you put a vote on me here!


Take care!


  1. I have nominated you in the DIY category because you have such talent and creativity! Keep up the fantastic work and thank you for all the inspiration! x

    1. Thank you Niki and thank you for a very nice lunch with a lot of inspiration this week!

  2. This carpet is really nice, good choice :), good choice of second photo, too, love these pillows. How many rooms would you like to change in your house / flat ?
    And I agree with Niki. Thanks for inspirations. :)

    Nice day!

    1. Hi, I know that I am almost too energetic with the reconstruction and should take it more relaxed. But I guess that is not me/us. Well to be honest we have done almost half the rooms in the house. So there is some rooms left. But I am longing for doing more decoration such as sew etc but seems not to get there. It is much we like to do :)

      How about you? Any big plans at your home?


  3. Hi Mette, I have big plans, too. We done the reconstruction last year without the kitchen, maybe it will be this year. But what I realy want is home office, I believe, it will be this year.But first, I have to replace the furniture in the kids room.... :)


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