and the winner is....

onsdag, februari 20, 2013

The lucky one to get the Alphabet poster from Katrin Bååth is Linda Björling. Congratulations to you Linda!
The poster will be delivered to you soon, I hope you find a special place for it.

Lately it has been very little DIY projects here, but I have one ready for you at Friday this week. Something little that you can get yourself if you like. But first, I have to share this inspiring DIY from Nina Holst at Stylizimo. A 'look a like' to Svensk Tenn Elephant pillow. What a perfect DIY!

Pictures: Nina Holst

If you like to read more about where Nina found the textile to her pillow etc, visit her blog, Stylizimo here. See you all tomorrow again! Today cross country skiing is waiting as well as downhill skiing. Can't wait! 



  1. Hi, Nina has always perfect DIY but I am looking forward to look yours on Friday :) I know that it will be perfect too :)
    Nice day!

  2. Thank you dear! We have had a lovely day with sun and crisp snow. See you soon!


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