Pictures of your dreams

onsdag, januari 23, 2013

Alvhem, which is an agency for apartments in Gothenborg in Sweden has the most beautiful pictures of homes. I found a section they call "pictures of your dreams" from different apartments. How about these living rooms? Ohhhhhhh!

All pictures from Alvhem

Anything special that triggers you in these pictures? Well I wonder.. how people can have olive trees alive at home (picture 4). My olive trees in the kitchen has died a long time ago for sure, and I just have to buy something else. Do you have any suggestions on something similar to an olive tree...and easy to take care off :)


  1. Hi, you have chosen these living rooms very well :-)I like second picture bcs love large rooms and third picture bcs love fireplace in the living rooms and I think that this one is special one :-).
    And about olive tree? I don't know if it is difficult or not to take care of the olive tree but I have simple flowers at home as orchid. Love it!


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