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tisdag, januari 29, 2013

This weekend we got a lot of snow and I can´t really understand that I was sitting outside having lunch with some friends in Malmö just two weeks ago and it felt like spring. I am longing for the spring and the summer, and therefore I could not resist looking back at some pictures from our bedroom. Our bedroom is one of the rooms I like most in our old house (built ~1920). It has so much light during spring and summer and I just love it.  

I like the two chairs that I have found at second hand, and I have plenty of the black baskets that is bade of old car tires. In our bedroom I have a bunch of magazines in the basket, but I also use them for flowers during the summer. It is just a perfect product and affordable. I think I bought it at "Rusta" for about 15 Euro, but also available at interior design shops for twice as much.

Take care and see you soon again!


  1. Hi Mette! I remember that you wrote about sunshine in Sweden. We had snow and at the moment it is snowing and snowing all day :-( ohh, I want spring.
    And about your bedroom... ;-) this room is nice, I like your chandelier. Is it black or brown color? Good idea about basket for magazines. I have one too but wicker basket. I am using for magazines too :-)
    Take care!

    1. The lamp is in black, or did you refer to the blanket on the bed (sorry, I am not familiar with the word chandelier)? The blanket is dark brown and it is from IKEA.
      /Mette :)


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