Love to paint!

torsdag, januari 31, 2013

Hi all! What are your plans for the weekend? We will paint some before we put up the new banisters that we have created ourselves (that leads up to the second floor). They have actually been ready for a while but you know, life comes in between. The daily things. But this weekend I think we can have them up.

Foto: Jason Grant for Murobond

 I also hope that I will have time to continue one of my DIY project, the week calendar that I plan to have in our kitchen to make it easier for the family to plan and remember the food we will make each day. Yes we definitely needs those things. Do you plan your dinners on a weekly basis? I think it is good in many ways, saving time and money I believe. 

See you all on Monday again. I think that next week will be something special.


  1. P and I should so plan our food. Instead we end up rummaging around the cupboards in a last minute attempt! ....Looking forward to seeing your bannisters too - can't believe you have made your own! :)

  2. Hi Mette, your plans looks great, change your kitchen and now paint your home, very good, I think that I have to do same for my kitchen :)
    pls then take a photos :)

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. The kitchen is so hard taking photos at (due to a lot of windows I beleive), but working on it. I promise to share soon. At least part of it ;-)


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