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måndag, januari 21, 2013

Hi Monday! Planning and preparing for a brand new week after a fab weekend with a lot of sunshine. Hope you had a great weekend too.
This week I am eager to get going with a lot of projects. I want to create my own poster for the kitchen that I then plan to order and print. A poster that will structure the weeks more, and help with the dinner plans. Will share it with you later when ready.

Then I have a kitchen table in mind..... My plan is to create something similar as the first picture below, but maybe in white. I think we would be able to keep the legs from our existing dinner table and buy two wider boards just as you can see in the picture below. I find it very hard to find the right size of tables actually. So yes, this is definitely one of the next DIY projects that we have in mind. Let´s see if we will be able to make it this spring or later :)

Source unknown, but found it via Pinterest
 Also love the mix of chairs above. Makes it so much alive! 
Some more kitchen inspiration below.

Picture: Interior Slime

Picture: morten koldby inhouse for mad & bolig via: nicety

At the same time I am about finishing our next banisters that we have created. This time it is the banisters that are placed to the second floor. The previous ones we did you can find here.

Ohh there is so many projects this spring, I have just mentioned some of them. It is just to get started!!! How about you? Do you have any ongoing or plans for projects at home?

Have a lovely Monday!  


  1. Hi Mette, good plans, I look forward to your images, and I prefer white color of dining table too. :-)

  2. Hi there, yes I will share it with you as soon as ready and printed. 2013 here I come, with structure and planning ;.)

  3. I put some scandinavian dinig tables on my blog, maybe it will be a little bit inspiration for you, have a look :-)


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