Back again: Children´s Bedrooms

onsdag, januari 16, 2013

Back again after one week of vacation in Gran Canaria, with sun everyday! Have you been there? If you are starving for sun and travel with kids it is perfect. We stayed at Sunwing hotel which was heaven for the kids. I think you understand if you follow the link and browse the pictures. So now I am back with a lot of energy after a relaxing week. And talking about kids. I have stumbled over some fantastic pictures recently which I like to share with you. Beautiful kid´s bedrooms. Which room is your favorite? Mine is picture 2 and 5. I just love picture 2 with the playful pillows and the clothes rack. As well as picture 5 with the mix of white interior and wood.

Picture 1: Patrik Hagborg for Sköna Hem, Picture 2:, Picture 3: Little Playroom, Picture 4 & 5: Stokke, Picture 6: Welke

What is your thoughts about children's bedrooms? What is most important? Enjoy your Wednesday and see you soon!


  1. Welcome back Mette! I hope you had a lovely time. These rooms are fab! My favourite would have to be number 1 but I also absolutely love the last two rooms. x

    1. Thank you! We had such a great time. Hard to pick any of the rooms I know. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Hello Mette! I love each one, rooms are lovely but if I think about them I prefer last one with drawing on the wall.

  3. Hi Albertine! I totally agree, the last one is very creative and playful. Also very soft, natural colors which I like as well.

    See you soon!


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