DIY - Advent Calendar

måndag, november 26, 2012

One of the latest DIY projects that is perfect to involve the kids in. The idea was from Stylizimo and I thought it was such a fun project that I had to make my own. A little more color, and a little more narrow but quite ok in the end :)

The inspiration was all from Stylizimo, and you find it all here. The only thing that I have changed was to add another star in the top "bakform" and I used a canvas as background. Now it is time to buy all the gifts for my calendar. Better hurry!!! Have a lovely evening all! 



  1. How lovely! I love the pretty colours and it's so clever how you've used clothes pegs and a cookie cutter for the star :)

  2. Thank you Niki. Actually I am surprised that quite much color got space, but then I had help from a little girl as well :)


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